Dawn of War plays very differently from alot of the traditional real time strategy games, for starters base building is a thing of the past and your main focus is on your troops, there health and levels and the strategy’s you use on the battlefield. There’s lots of gun fire exchange and some epic battles as you progress along your journey.  Cover is also a very important part of gameplay and being behind cover could make the difference between a battle win and loss.

Certain types of land also can give defensive boosts so its important to think about where you place your squads for maximum use.

The gameplay really draws you in especially if you are someone who really enjoys planning and strategy. You can choose from different races which each have there own story for you to progress through meaning there is lots of playtime in this game for the right people.

You can also customize your race with colors and banners and things and although this dosn’t seem as important in single player it makes a huge different in multiplayer because you are easily able to recognize your players among all the mayhem that’s going on around.

Glory is found in the campaign of Dawn of War 2. With you as the newly appointed commander for the brothers of the Blood Ravens, it is up to you to destroy the Xenomorph threat that threatens all of your home planets. As you progress, your squads level up along with your hero character which they can then use to upgrade their attributes to further their power.

Items drop randomly on the battlefield and these can be given to your squads to give them special abilities. There are lots of different ways to victory and it pays to try different tactics and make the most of this glorious game. Whether you are holding down a choke point stopping enemy advancement of bunkering down in some defense boosting ground you will be enjoying every moment. 

Multiplayer dosn’t suffer from things like tanks rush’s and is as most times a fair battlefield. Of course there are always tactics that people use that might be over powered or take advantage of some exploits but not as many as most real time strategy games.

The sound and music is decent and keeps you engaged in the battle at hand.

Dawn of War 2 is a very good real time strategy game that steps away from the traditional games like command and conquer but still delivers and awesome real time strategy experience. A must play for anyone who loves RTS.

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